Choosing a Cryonics Company: Which One Is Right for You?

If you’re looking to preserve your body after death with cryonics with the hope of being revived in the future, here are the companies to know, and how their services compare.

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Cryonics is the process of preserving human bodies or heads after death with the goal of restoring them to life in the future using medical technology that isn’t yet available. The practice has its critics and controversies, but with each passing year and each new medical breakthrough, it becomes more appealing to more people as a way to potentially extend their lifespan and overcome current health problems.

The best-known cryonics organizations, Alcor and the Cryonics Institute, have their roots in the United States in the 1970s. And while decades later, in 2021, there still aren’t many different established companies offering cryonic preservation services, there are a few newer, international options worth considering for the cryonics-curious.

The table below breaks down four of the most popular cryonic preservation companies, comparing their cost, services, and other facts worth knowing. It includes information on company age and location, whether rapid cryonic standby and body transportation services are provided (an important consideration since the sooner a body can be preserved after death, the better), and financing options.

Cryonics Institute
Tomorrow Biostasis
Founding Year
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Clinton Township, Michigan, USA
Moscow, Russia
Berlin, Germany
Services Provided
Whole body and Neuropreservation
Whole body preservation
Whole body and Neuropreservation
Whole body preservation
$55/month in membership dues, $25 to $800/month in life insurance (minimum policy of $80,000 – $200,000)
$1250 one-time membership fee or $75 initiation fee plus $120 annual dues. $28,000+ due at time of death (usually paid by life insurance)
$36,000 for whole body preservation, $18,000 for neuropreservation
Membership and insurance payments totalling $46–$115 per month
# of people currently preserved
over 150
None so far
# of people signed-up
Aiming for 500+ by the end of 2022
Standby services?
Yes. Standby is critical and offered to all members
Optional add-on service
Optional add-on service
Yes. Standby teams currently based in Berlin and Amsterdam
Transportation services?
Yes, included
Optional add-on service
Included for patients in Moscow. Optional add-on for patients outside Moscow
Yes, included in all plans
Pet preservation?
Yes, but only for members
Financing options
Insurance, Prepaid, Trusts, Annuity
Insurance, Prepaid, Trusts, Annuity
Financing and payment plans are available, but an up-front payment is recommended. Payment via life insurance is not an option
Monthly payments through an insurance partner. Additional payment required after term life insurance expires
Cryonics Institute
Tomorrow Biostasis


Alcor narrowly edges out the Cryonics Institute as the oldest and most popular cryonics company in the world. It’s been around since the 70s, and its website boasts about its long-term stability, which is obviously important when choosing a cryonics company. Alcor is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, a place specifically chosen for its resilience to some of the most common natural disasters. While its membership and services are a bit pricey, Alcor provides a number of different financing options, as well as full standby and transportation services for its members.

Cryonics Institute

The Cryonics Institute has been around almost as long as Alcor, and has almost as many members and currently-preserved patients. The organization specializes in whole body preservation rather than the cheaper and easier head-only neuropreservation, and as such the Cryonics Institute can boast that it has carried out more whole body cryonics preservations than any other company in the world. The Cryonics Institute’s prices are lower than Alcor’s in general, but when you begin to add on “optional” extras like standby and transportation services, the cost difference isn’t as stark.


KrioRus is the leading cryonics company in Russia, and offers both whole body and neuropreservation services, as well as pet preservation. For years KrioRus was the closest and best cryonics option for many interested patients in Europe and Asia. The company offers transportation services within Moscow, but for those outside this area, city transportation and standby are optional add-ons. KrioRus is also the only company compared here that doesn’t accept payment via a life insurance policy. Instead, a combination of an up-front payment and other financing options are available.

Tomorrow Biostasis

Tomorrow Biostasis is the youngest company of the four leading cryonics providers. It’s a recent startup focusing on Europe specifically, a continent that hadn’t previously been directly served by a “local” company. As a young company they don’t have many established members or preserved patients as yet, and they don’t have the long history of Alcor or the Cryonics Institute, which might be a concern for some. On the other hand, the importance of rapid preservation after death will make Tomorrow appealing to patients based in Europe, since the company has standby teams in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Yinfeng: A new cryonics company in China

Yinfeng is the leading Chinese cryonics organization, and it emerged onto the scene in 2015 in Shandong Province. So far Yinfeng has remained fairly closed to the wider world, and it’s difficult to find concrete information about their scale and practices, so it isn’t included on the comparison table above. News reports have indicated they have “dozens” of people currently signed up, with at least 10 currently preserved, and it is believed that the company uses advanced technology and produces high quality results. With the rise of China on the international stage and the rising popularity of cryonics across the board, it’s likely we’ll hear more about Yinfeng in the coming years.

Which cryonics company is right for you?

Determining which cryonics company is the best fit for you is a personal choice, and you shouldn’t go with a company that doesn’t make you feel secure and comfortable. That said, science indicates that rapid preservation after death is essential to prevent additional damage to a patient’s body and brain – so you should strongly consider going with a company that can offer rapid response standby services in your area. Not everyone has the luxury of having a “local” cryonics company, but you want to make sure the company you choose can take care of your body during those critical hours when it’s most important.

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