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by EkaterinaChukhno - 22 May 2024

How Mutations Make A Liar Out Of Our DNA

Mutations can cause diseases; this includes progeric syndromes, leading to accelerated ageing. Mutations are also intertwined with DNA damage and contribute to the normal ageing process.

by Povilas S. - 08 March 2024

Assisted Suspension – An Unexplored Niche Of Possibilities

Performing cryonics instead of euthanasia before clinical death would give those facing imminent death today a chance to live in the future. Furthermore, under those circumstances, cryonics would stand a better chance of success.

by CharlMoolman - 13 February 2024

Theories of Aging: What Can Help You Unlock Everlasting Life?

Ageing is a complex process evolving the accumulation of cell damage and pathologies across a wide spectrum of bodily systems. Exploring some of the main theories on why humans age.

by CharlMoolman - 24 January 2024

How Religion Can Add 9 Years to Your Lifespan

Religious people live longer, much longer. How do we explain the correlation between longevity and spirituality? Science offers a few explanations.

by CharlMoolman - 09 January 2024

Top 10 Longevity Researchers and What They Are Working On

Longevity science is a vast landscape. Meet some of the scientists shining a light on some of the most pressing questions the field faces.

by CharlMoolman - 27 December 2023

Muscles and Longevity

There is a strong and often overlooked correlation between muscle and healthy ageing. Building and maintaining muscle is important for longevity.

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Cryonics is the process of preserving human bodies or heads after death with the goal of restoring them to life in the future using medical technology that isn’t yet available.
At the moment, it is impossible to give an exact answer to this question, since the whole idea relies on technologies that will be available in the future. Cryonics gives a person a chance to physically be there when these technologies become available.

The cost for cryopreservation depends on the service provider and on the type of preservation and ranges from $28,000, all the way to $200,000. Discover the funding options for your cryopreservation.


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