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by Al Feky M.Sc. - 27 September 2022

Your first days after being revived in the future: An optimistic look into the future

One of the most stirring thoughts for any cryonics fan is imaging life after revival. It makes the difference between true believers in Cryonics and everybody else. Those who believe in the promised resurrection from cryopreservation can imagine and dream of a life after taking the chance on science. In this article, we dream together […]

by Al Feky M.Sc. - 15 September 2022

Forever Young: The Longevity Supplements Routine to Fight Aging

How long are you planning to live? Which body do you wish to have on your life journey? As we age, we need to complement our diet and find the best anti aging supplements that can help keep our bodies young, slow down aging, and improve longevity. For this life or the next one, As […]

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