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by Ekaterina Chukhno - 01 February 2023

Telomerases: Extending Our DNA to Extend Our Lifespan

Our bodies are built out of cells, just like houses are built of bricks. To recover after injury, fight disease and simply stay alive we need new cells every day, but the supplies of new cells grow short and this is the problem we have to find solution for.

by Ekaterina Chukhno - 18 January 2023

DNA Damage Theory of Aging

DNA damage aging theory claims: the accumulation of unrepaired corruptions in DNA is the reason we grow old. Fortunately, we can avoid DNA damage and stimulate DNA repair to achieve longevity.

by Anna - 05 January 2023

Prospects of Undoing Death: Could Cryonics Bring Us Back to Life?

Who does not strive for an infinite life? What advancements still need to be made to make eternal life a reality?

by Sergey Leshchuk - 22 November 2022

8 Common Myths About Home (DIY) Cryonics

The most popular myths about home cryonics in existence today have been debunked, and it turns out that DIY cryonics is available to everyone.

by Anna - 18 October 2022

What’s the Link Between Alcohol Consumption and Longevity?

We’ve all heard those stories – the 90-year-old man who seems fitter than a 60-year-old and credits it to the glass of whisky he drinks with unfailing regularity every day; or the great-grandma approaching 100 who is still the life of every party and swears by a certain brand of Sicilian red wine she has […]

by Al Feky M.Sc. - 27 September 2022

Your first days after being revived in the future: An optimistic look into the future

One of the most stirring thoughts for any cryonics fan is imaging life after revival. It makes the difference between true believers in Cryonics and everybody else. Those who believe in the promised resurrection from cryopreservation can imagine and dream of a life after taking the chance on science. In this article, we dream together […]

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Cryonics is the process of preserving human bodies or heads after death with the goal of restoring them to life in the future using medical technology that isn’t yet available.
At the moment, it is impossible to give an exact answer to this question, since the whole idea relies on technologies that will be available in the future. Cryonics gives a person a chance to physically be there when these technologies become available.

The cost for cryopreservation depends on the service provider and on the type of preservation and ranges from $28,000, all the way to $200,000. Discover the funding options for your cryopreservation.