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The Complete Paperwork guide to Sign-Up for Cryopreservation

The process of signing up, although not complicated, involves a generous amount of paperwork. All this is to ensure that the person being cryopreserved is protected from potential legal and financial challenges, and their cryopreservation from being disrupted.

cryonics documentslawlegal requirements

Freeze Your Assets Before Freezing Yourself: Cryopreservation and Trusts

Cryopreservation aims to reanimate the deceased. To ensure that they have something to return to, effective estate planning is crucial.

assetsestate planningtrusts

Revived with Riches: Asset Preservation Trusts

Cryonicists look to preserve their assets in order to fall-back on them upon revival from cryopreservation. Such asset preservation can be effected through revival trusts.


Can Cryogenically Frozen People Preserve Their Identity?

If cryonics were to become a reality, society would have a challenging time integrating cryonics patients, who would have been revived from cryopreservation, into the new world. One of the main issues is whether cryogenically frozen people would be able to keep their former legal identity or would they be treated as a new person.

cryogenically frozen peoplecryopreservationlegal identity
Suspension Failures

Suspension Failures

All but one cryopreservation carried out prior to 1974 resulted in failure either due to insufficient funding, faulty equipment, eventually leading to the bodies thawing out.

Funding Cryonics: The Growing Popularity of Life Insurance Policies

Funding Cryonics: The Growing Popularity of Life Insurance Policies

Cryopreservation can be funded by prepayment, life insurance, and through a trust. Life insurance policies which designate cryonics centres as beneficiaries is the most popular method.

cost of cryonicsfundinglife insurance

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