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The Blurred Lines Between Cryopreservation and Mummification

Cryopreservation and Mummification seem similar at first glance, but looking at the way each one is carried out and the reasons behind them, it becomes clear that this is not the case.

ancient Egyptembalmingpharaoh

Turning the Tide: Shifting Attitudes Towards Cryonics

Cryopreservation has survived periods of struggle, disbelief and opposition. The mostly hostile attitude towards it has changed to one of acceptance and hope.

cryonics communityhopehospice care

Blurred Lines: Christianity and Transhumanism

A look at how Christianity has adapted to the philosophy of Transhumanism, the unusual beliefs it has adopted, and the biblical scriptures interpreted by it.


Somnium Space and a Quest for Immortality in the Metaverse

Digital avatars of the future could become an extension of our personality and we may use them to express ourselves in many creative ways.


How Different Mythologies and Religions Imagine the Afterlife

Why do we need to imagine a life after death? How can different religions and our origins affect the idea of a possible afterlife?


Environmental Longevity and How Cryonics Can Help

In conversation with Atul Kumar, the author of Alien Places, Timeskipper explores how and why cryonicists can play a vital role in preserving the environment.

environmentenvironmental issuespopulation

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