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How Different Mythologies and Religions Imagine the Afterlife

Why do we need to imagine a life after death? How can different religions and our origins affect the idea of a possible afterlife?


Environmental Longevity and How Cryonics Can Help

In conversation with Atul Kumar, the author of Alien Places, Timeskipper explores how and why cryonicists can play a vital role in preserving the environment.

environmentenvironmental issuespopulation

Homo-Deus: Harari’s future prophecies that might come true

A brief summary of Yuval Harari’s futuristic book. Exploring the prophecies proposed by Homo-Deus and how they relate to the cryonics world.

future predictionshomo deusyuval harari

Body and Technology: Cyborg Artworks at the Venice Biennale

Although the word cyborg immediately recalls future-projected scenarios, the concept is firmly rooted in the past. The idea of enhancing the existing body, of hybrid organisms between human beings and …

artworkbiennalecontemporary art

Easter Special: Is Cryonics the Modern-Day Messiah?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ spread great joy amongst his disciples, underlining the value ascribed to life. Stretching this to modern times, cryonics seeks to achieve just this, i.e., life extension.

beliefschristianityeaster story

Obstructing the Success of Cryopreservation

Time for evaluating the barriers and technological developments in cryopreservation.

cryopreservationtechnological development

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