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Easter Special: Is Cryonics the Modern-Day Messiah?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ spread great joy amongst his disciples, underlining the value ascribed to life. Stretching this to modern times, cryonics seeks to achieve just this, i.e., life extension.

beliefschristianityeaster story

Obstructing the Success of Cryopreservation

Time for evaluating the barriers and technological developments in cryopreservation.

cryopreservationtechnological development

Cryonics Is Not Just for the Wealthy

Cryonics may sound like something straight out of science fiction and hence expensive, but it is not necessarily so. By organizing yourself now, you can prepare for a better future.

cryonics UKinterviewprice of cryonics

Longevity and the Overpopulation Conundrum

If humans start living till the age of 150, it will lead to a rapid rise in population. Tackling this population growth may require unusual solutions.

demographicshumanitypopulation growth
real-life cyborgs

Real-life Cyborgs: Today and in the Future

Cyborgs are more than just science fiction. Biology and cybernetics have come together to create humans with advanced capabilities, from prosthetic limbs that perform better than the “real” thing, to implants that give people additional senses. And taking into account AI, the Singularity, and cryonics, a cyborg future seems inevitable.

Immortality in the History of Art – II

Immortality in the History of Art – II

The second part of our series deals with the pursuit of eternal life as one of the many aspects of immortality depicted in the history of art – from 17th century to contemporary perspectives.

art historyeternal lifeimmortality

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