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The Alcor Life Extension Foundation is the world leader in cryonics, cryonics research, and cryonics technology. Alcor is a non-profit organization located in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded in 1972, to help bring cryonics to the world.


Cryonics Institute

The Cryonics Institute is a non-profit membership organization, founded in 1976 by Robert Ettinger, “The Father of Cryonics.” CI’s goal from the beginning has been to offer the best available cryonics services to the public at an affordable cost. CI hosts an active and engaged community of more than 1,100 members world-wide.



Osiris was built for the sole purpose of providing the community the possibility of extending their lives through cryopreservation. Osiris aims to provide the most advanced medical technologies and cryopreservation methods in order to ensure the highest chances of success.


Southern Cryonics

Southern Cryonics is a non-profit organisation formed to build and operate Australia’s first cryonic storage facility. Southern Cryonics will operate throughout all states and territories of Australia including Tasmania.



Trans Time was founded to help people bridge the technological gap that exists between the medical technology as it exists today and the medical technology that will exist in the future.



In 2015, Yinfeng Research Institute independently developed cryoprotectants of YF families for human vitrification tissues and organs, developed the world’s first large-scale, high-precision, large-span program cooling equipment, which was highly praised by people within the industry and formally put into use in the completed Yinfeng Cryogenic Medical Engineering Technology Research Center to provide cryogenic preservation.


Tomorrow Biostasis

Tomorrow Bio was founded in 2019 by doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs to further Biostasis science and provide a high quality cryopreservation.


Cryonics Germany

Cryonics Germany is a non-profit organization of cryonicists who want to advance the state of cryonics in Germany and Europe. We support members and interested parties with signing up with a cryonics storage provider, securing funding and with personal preparation for an emergency. We also support research into cryonics.


Cryonics UK

Cryonics UK is a non-profit organisation set in place to provide assistance to the cryonicists within the UK. Cryonics UK is the operating name of the Human Organ Preservation Research Trust, a registered charity since 1991.


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