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CRISPR-based Genome Editing Promises Of a Better Post Cryonic Life

Optimistically speaking, this might be a future a few decades from now, and cryonic preservation might be the only solution that bridges the gap between now and that future.

DNAgene editingRNA

Neuralink and the Future of Brain Transplants

Neuralink is not the only start-up working on brain implants, but thanks to Musk’s larger-than-life persona, it is certainly getting the most attention.

aiElon Muskmind control

Epigenetic Clocks: What Are They and How Do They Determine Your Biological Age?

Researchers are trying to find ways to predict mortality risks and age-related diseases with the help of such DNA methylation marks or age biomarkers.

biological agechronological agesteve horvath

How 3D Printed Organs Are Revolutionising Healthcare

Three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting is a technology that seeks to create living tissue, including blood vessels, heart, skin and bones, using a process called additive manufacturing.

3D bioprinting3D printingartificial organs

The World’s Leading Voices on Longevity

All therapies being tested may not hit the jackpot, but the overall direction in which anti-aging technology is heading could make this the biggest innovation in history.


Moving Humans Beyond the Carbon Barrier

Carbon-based life has its limits and won’t enable humans to achieve immortality. Shouldn’t we switch to a better alternative?

carbon based lifehuman immortalityimplants

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