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Ketone Supplements: an Aid to Longevity?

Longevity is being studied extensively, and so are exogenous ketones. The interlinking between the two reveals therapeutic effects against aging.

dietketones supplementsmetabolism

3D Bioprinting and the Promise of Immortality

Three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting is a technology that seeks to create living tissue, including blood vessels, heart, skin and bones, using a process called additive manufacturing.


Could Regenerative Medicine Really Be the One We Look Up to For Longevity?

With their biological potential to virtually develop into any kind of cells in an organism, stem cells can now be effectively reprogrammed to be used in regenerative therapies.

longevityregenerative medicinestem cells

The Role of a Dyson Sphere in Cryonics

A Dyson Sphere can capture the energy of the Sun and then power a super-intelligent AI that will bring patients in cryonic storage to a simulated life.

aiDyson Spheresimulation

Sirtuins: The Beginning of a New Future

The search for the secret to immortality has been ongoing for many centuries. Modern science has found a protein, sirtuin, that could be effective at increasing life expectancy.

mineralproteinsecret component

CRISPR-based Genome Editing Promises Of a Better Post Cryonic Life

Optimistically speaking, this might be a future a few decades from now, and cryonic preservation might be the only solution that bridges the gap between now and that future.

DNAgene editingRNA

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