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Cryonics and Medical Robots: The Inevitable Union?

Cryopreservation demands precision, and is time-sensitive. Using medical robots for some of these tasks can deliver these requirements and set the tone for the future of cryonics.

rehabilitationrobotic limbssurgery

Reversing the Aging Process: Latest Research Developments

Do you think it is possible for cancer to disappear or aging to be reversed? Longevity Research will answer your questions.


Age is Just a Number: Anti-Aging Cocktails Which Can Reverse Aging

Scientists from Harvard and MIT discover six chemical cocktails which can rejuvenate old cells, having the potential to cure age-related diseases and produce anti-aging effects.

forever youngpillsvitamins

Revived Animals: The story of a 24,000 Year-old Animal That Came Back to Life

Revived animals are no longer the stuff of science-fiction. Scientists have managed to revive the 24.000 year-old bdelloid rotifer in an aspiring story of cryopreservation.

animalsnew liferevival

Manned Mission to Mars Appears Possible Through Cryosleep

The principle of cryopreservation, i.e. reduction of body temperature to preserve it, is being explored in connection with deep-space explorations. This is proposed to be carried out through the torpor and therapeutic hypothermia mechanisms.

hypothermiaNASAspace travel

The Bionic Era: Smart Prosthetic Limbs and the Start-ups Behind Them

The most innovative bionic products such as prosthetic limbs or even bionic eyes are coming from start-ups, or collaborations between start-ups and universities. Let’s find out more about them!

artificial limbbionic armprosthetics

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