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The World’s Leading Voices on Longevity

All therapies being tested may not hit the jackpot, but the overall direction in which anti-aging technology is heading could make this the biggest innovation in history.


Moving Humans Beyond the Carbon Barrier

Carbon-based life has its limits and won’t enable humans to achieve immortality. Shouldn’t we switch to a better alternative?

carbon based lifehuman immortalityimplants

Torpor Can Help Us Live Longer and Disease-free. Cryonics Can Help Us Get There!

Torpor has many advantages and, at a cellular level, humans can still go through torpor but cryonics can help us induce it, when needed.

hibernationlong lifetorpor

The Future Has an Internet of Bio-Nano Things

The world where a smartphone works as a disease early warning system and serves as an alert to begin treatment. The world where your body connects to the internet just like the Amazon Echo or an Apple TV does. This is a world with an Internet of Bio-Nano Things.


Approaches to Reviving Tissues After Cryopreservation

Scientists still face the task of harmlessly reviving cryopreserved tissues. There are many new approaches that have been conceived to solve some of the remaining problems in the development of advanced cryopreservation methods using nanotechnology, pressure thermodynamics and a number of other key areas.

cryoprotectantsice formationVitrification

Climate Change and the Case for Longevity Research

With the challenges posed by climate change to human health and longevity, the need for aging and lifespan extending research is even more heightened.

climate changelongevityresearch

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About Science & Technology

The longevity industry is a fusion of science and technology, where many fields make an indispensable contribution to the goal of defeating aging and death. In this part, we want to immerse you in this scientific world and tell you about all the smallest details in such areas as medicine, biotechnology, nanotechnology, genetics, molecular biology and many others that contribute to the life extension field.

The whole idea of cryonics is based on the achievements of modern science and on the expected achievements of the future, so it is crucial to keep up with today’s progress in order to have an understanding of what and when to expect in the future.

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