by Timeskipper Team
- 08 July 2021
The idea of cryonics is controversial and is the subject of many discussions. More and more famous people, however, are beginning to step forward in expressing their support for this area and openly declare their intention to be cryopreserved after death.
by Timeskipper Team
- 21 July 2023
While cryonics continues to become popular, the possibility of revival remains moot. Against this background, let us look at why it would be too early to reanimate someone who is cryopreserved.
by Al Feky
- 14 October 2021
Is it possible to revive cryopreserved people? This article gathers all the latest scientific information on this topic with the aim to answer this longstanding question.
by Timeskipper Team
- 29 August 2023
Revived animals are no longer the stuff of science-fiction. Scientists have managed to revive the 24.000 year-old bdelloid rotifer in an aspiring story of cryopreservation.

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