Ten Celebrities Who Are Up for Cryonics

The idea of cryonics is controversial and is the subject of many discussions. More and more famous people, however, are beginning to step forward in expressing their support for this area and openly declare their intention to be cryopreserved after death.

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Probably everyone on this planet has at some point in their life, thought about death. The people on this list stand out because they thought harder about the topic and have also considered what happens after death. In other words, they want to figure out options on how to deceive the unavoidable. For the average reader, this may sound like a fictional episode from Futurama, where the pizza delivery guy woke up in another century after having been frozen. However, part of it is already a fact of existence today. Scientists worldwide are working on making this experiment a reality which makes it a hot topic for celebrities, businessmen and even politicians. So, let’s find out who are the most well-known supporters of cryonics

Paris Hilton (and her dogs)

If you have an unlimited budget and are well-connected, the only question that can arise is “why not?” What makes Paris’ cryo plan stand out is her decision to freeze her dogs together with her in order to be reunited in the afterlife. It is also known that she has already invested a large amount of money in the Cryonics Institute based in Mississippi. So if you happen to be a fan of Ms. Hilton and are dreaming of meeting her one day, you now know where to find her in a few hundred years.

Larry King

Larry King made it clear that he does not want to be buried or cremated. Therefore, the idea of cryopreservation seems to be the most optimal one for him, especially due to the idea of being resurrected.. According to him, even the smallest fragment of hope is already more than enough. Who knows, maybe Larry will be able to host many more TV shows even 100 years from now. 

Larry King died this year at the age of 87, but was his desire to be cryopreserved realized? Service providers cannot publicly confirm or deny this fact due to legal reasons. However, those few comments from the management of the largest cryonics companies make us assume that he was actually cryopreserved.

Seth MacFarlane

In an interview with Larry King, Seth revealed that he supports Larry’s views on cryonics and mentioned that both of them “share the same desire.” More than once, Seth has revealed to the world that he has a passion for science fiction and is a big Star Trek fan. Being the creator of Family Guy, we shouldn’t doubt his good sense of humor. Nevertheless, his interest and statements about cryopreservation after death sounded rather serious, which makes him a perfect addition to this list.

Simon Cowell

Who doesn’t know this sharp-tongued reality TV judge and who would not want to enjoy his sardonic comments for as long as possible? In an interview with GQ, Simon, much to the liking of his fans, confirmed that he wants to be cryogenically frozen after death and has hope of revival in the future. This means we can rest assured that all rising singing talents will get their piece of unwanted criticism, not only now but also in the future.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has already conquered the music charts of the 90s and 00s, so why not do it again in another century? According to comments of Britney’s friends, she would love to live forever and the more the life extension industry develops, the more this idea fascinates her. It does not come to a surprise that, as stated in TheNewDaily, Britney chose Alcor Life Extension Foundation for her future cryopreservation.

Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is a Silicon Valley billionaire, co-founder of PayPal and a successful investor of numerous online projects. He also approaches the problem of mortality as a businessman and has invested in potential ways to extend life and in particular in cryonics.According to The Telegraph, he already signed up for cryopreservation in the Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil is an author, inventor, computer scientist, engineering director at Google, and a man who, without fear of contradiction, claims he is going to live forever. According to Quartz, Kurzweil already foresaw inventions like smartphones and online clouds several years before they became a reality. When an innovative person like him is interested in cryonics, everyone else should probably pay attention and take note of it.

Curtis Lovell II

You may need to google his name, but most people around the globe are familiar with the performances of this magician and escape artist. He cut Paris Hilton in half on The Simple Life, conjured on Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, and did an opening performance for the Larry King Show. According to him, his greatest magic trick will be his own resurrection. This is yet to be seen and he is counting on cryopreservation to help him achieve this goal.

Ted Williams

One of the most famous cases of cryopreservation in the history of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation is baseball legend Ted Williams. Despite all the conflicting circumstances surrounding his freezing, Ted Williams’ head remains safe and sound at the Alcor and is waiting for the opportunity to be revived.

Max More

It may be true that Max More does not yet have that kind of publicity you might expect and has not reached celebrity status, however he clearly is the one who shines the brightest on this list. As Ambassador and President Emeritus of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona, he is the one who controls the fate (also bodies and brains) of all those who choose to participate in the cryonics experiment. No reader will be surprised that this man recognizes the potential in cryonics and intends to be cryopreserved after death himself. An interesting fact mentioned to the BBC is that he decided to go for neuropreservation, a process where nothing but the human brain is frozen. Max More is of the opinion that freezing the entire body is not necessary in this case.

He explained his philosophy by stating “I figure the future is a pretty decent place to be, so I want to be there. I want to keep living and enjoying and producing.” Overall, this statement summarizes what unites the people on this list and it is a pretty good reason to look further into the idea of cryonics.

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