What Is Cryonics and 10 Reasons Why It Is a Very Cool Idea

Cryonics promises us a new future, even after ‘death’. Here’s why it is so great.

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Cryonics is a new area of life extension that promises a new lease of life many years after ‘death’. Often confused with cryogenics, which studies the behaviour of materials at ultra-deep temperatures, cryonics involves the preservation of individuals in a cryogenic state and an important step of resurrecting them at a future date. On the surface, cryonics seems like a story straight out of a science fiction movie, however, the rapid progress the field has made since its inception increases the probability of cryonics working in the future. Here are a few reasons why cryonics is awesome and apt for you:

1. Makes immortality real

The biggest appeal with cryonics is that it is working towards making immortality real. Modern-day science is working hard to cure diseases, predict them and even prevent them, but at the end of it all, death is certain. Cryonicists are constantly pushing boundaries and looking for new ways to bring individuals back to life. They might not have succeeded yet, but we haven’t succeeded in beating cancer either. This is the way science progresses, one small step at a time.

2. No existing alternative

The cryonic method is the only method we currently know of that can potentially bring us back to life. Inspired by torpor seen in animals in winter seasons, cryonics is inducing torpor until science has advanced enough to deal with disease and cell death. It might seem like a far-fetched idea now but wireless telephones were a far-fetched idea some time back. We do not know of any other method that could potentially work, however, if we do find an alternative in the future, we can follow that too.

3. Pushing scientific research

The desire to come back after ‘death’ at some point in the future is pushing scientific research now. Looking for a way to revive the body post cryogenic freeze will give us new ways of preserving vital organs, reviving them and monitoring them for good health. These new technologies will be beneficial to the human race as a whole and not just to those who choose to undergo cryogenic storage.

4. Active organizations and thousands of patrons

Although the concept of cryonics is only a few decades old, people have started warming up to it now. Over the years, more people have signed up for cryogenic storage and new cryonic facilities are opening up outside the United States. As the concept gains mainstream popularity, more organizations are getting involved in the field turning it into a global movement.

5. Increasing probabilities of revival with technology advancement

A few decades ago, cryonics was a concept. Now, it is swiftly moving towards a science that we are beginning to understand and will be able to control. As technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, biotechnology and nanotechnology advance, the probabilities of human revival are increasing. With more research, we will be able to resurrect individuals in the future and see their dreams and beliefs come to fruition.

6. Because ‘death’ isn’t definitive

Science has always taught us to question core beliefs and look for proof and cryonics is no different, it has just picked a challenging opponent in ‘death’. As cryonicists delve deeper into researching something which we have presumed to be inevitable so far, they have found evidence to show that even after ‘legal death’ tissues are still alive and it is possible to revive a person. Today’s science doesn’t have the technology to do this but in the future, it might be possible. Cryonics is challenging the definition of ‘death’ and working on ways to revive people in the future in order to overcome this event where the road seems to end with regards to available treatments and technologies.

7. Not a very costly affair

Even for those who are pessimistic, the risk you are taking with cryonic technology is minimal. You are not putting your current life or goals at risk, nor leading a certain limited lifestyle to prepare for cryonic storage. You are only giving up a few thousand dollars and allowing your body to be frozen post ‘death’. If it doesn’t work out, you would have lost some money but if it does, you would have gained a new life. Isn’t that a risk worth taking?

8. Accessible to everyone

Cryonics is not an elite club, accessible only to a handful of people in privileged circles. Cryonics organizations are publicly listed and accessible to everyone. Their prices, the current state of research, and the facilities available are all out there for anybody to check and verify. Anybody who wishes to sign up, can. Plus, one can choose between different service providers. You can budget for your cryogenic storage with full knowledge of what is included and what isn’t.

9. No scientific evidence that it will not work

Many people point out that the chance of cryonic success is minimal and we might not see it happen in our lifetimes. Cryonicists do not deny this, instead they see it as a challenge. The famous cryptographer and cryonicist Ralph Merkle points out that there is no evidence to show that it won’t work out. On the contrary, we are just beginning to make scientific discoveries that will make cryonic revival possible. With current science, it is not possible but with advancements, it could be.

10. Supported by experts in science, technology, medicine and business

Cryonics is still relatively new and has garnered support from a lot of experts in various fields. While many celebrities have expressed their desire to be cryogenically frozen, it has also found the support of computer scientist Ralph Merkle at the University of Berkeley, technology enthusiasts and futurists like Nick Bostrom and Anders Sandberg at the University of Oxford, business leaders like PayPal founder Peter Thiel, among many others who have agreed to or have already undergone cryonic storage.

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