Death Is Wrong. A Children’s Book Review

Is death an unavoidable part of our lives? Well, according to this book, the definite answer is no. We already live side by side with organisms that can live forever and do not suffer from aging. So why not imagine such an option for ourselves? The author’s ideas will definitely resonate with life extension advocates of all ages.

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Gennady Stolyarov II is a person who, from early childhood, has looked at the world from a different angle. He does not perceive the prevailing opinion about this world, and especially views on life and death, as the only possible reality. Gennady is a philosopher, amateur mathematician, composer, poet and futurist who spreads his ideas about the perception of life and death. By doing so, he tries to influence modern society in expanding individuals’ thought processes connected to longevity, which will give an even greater impetus to the popularization of the life extension industry and the fight against aging.

If you have ever experienced conflicting thoughts about whether death is not the only possible option after having lived a long and prosperous life, you are not alone as others in the book share the same idea. The author introduces you to one of the most revolutionary movements of our time, namely the extension of human life, the fight against aging and the idea that death is wrong and redundant.

Did you know that there are organisms that do not age, can be immortal, and are even able to be reborn without the actual death of the entire organism? These organisms do not have the opportunity to make use of our modern technologies and medicine and yet they are able to live forever without having to suffer from aging. So why is it so easy for some people to dismiss the idea of eternal life for human beings without further consideration?

The Second Edition of Death Is Wrong was published by the Rational Argumentator Press and available for free in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Russian.

Note from Timeskipper:

The right question to ask yourself is “What can I do now to bring myself closer to the possibility of living forever?”. Well, this is very obvious to scientists, but if you are not a doctor nor a biologist, then the answer is also quite simple. Having studied the progress of modern science and technology, we see that scientists are moving towards the answer to the question of how to make eternal life a reality for humans. Therefore, we can be sure that the solution will come to us in time, and, thus, every person should do everything within their power today to be here when it happens. This is exactly what cryonics offers – to be preserved until the day when a solution is found.

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