Meet Tomorrow Biostasis: Reviewing The World’s Fastest Growing Cryonics Service Provider

Our independent review for Tomorrow Biostasis, answering the basic questions and concerns of everyone considering the company for their cryopreservation plans.

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The European cryonics community has received a great push with the emergence of the first cryopreservation storage facility in Switzerland. Almost two years have passed since Tomorrow Biostasis started its operations, and we got excited to explore their business, services, and what makes them unique. Read our independent review of Tomorrow to see if it is the right option for you.

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Dr. Emil Kendziorra, the CEO and founder of Tomorrow Biostasis, is an exceptional doctor who is extremely motivated by the fear of death. As he mentioned in an interview with Sifted, with this company he aims to help people defeat their fear of death and fulfill their curiosity of how life will look in the future.

Tomorrow Biostasis was founded in late 2018. The company has its headquarters in Berlin and was established to manage cryopreservation operations: raising awareness, managing patient accounts, and providing standby services until the patients are transported to the storage facilities.

What is the business model of Tomorrow Biostasis?

While the actual storage of Tomorrow Biostasis’s patients happens in the Swiss facility of the non-profit European Biostasis Foundation (EBF), the company business model focuses primarily on offering cryopreservation plans (starting at €40/ month) in exchange for:

  • 24/7 standby support
  • full-body cryopreservation
  • long-term storage

What makes their service unique?

The growing trend in the cryonics industry made it possible for patients to choose among multiple facilities and offers from cryopreservation companies worldwide. Yet, European clients always had one big challenge when it came to cryopreservation services; they lacked a local standby team.

Having a cryopreservation plan and a free “bed” in the storing facility is not enough. Your cryopreservation process relies highly on how quickly and adequately the preservation happens after your legal death, before it is too late. The standby teams are doctors and biostasis specialists who are always on standby; once they get notified of a patient’s death, they rush to the location and keep the body intact until delivered to the cryopreservation facility.

What if the team is not based locally and must travel a distance to reach the patient’s dead body on time?

Things can go downhill; the patient can lose his only chance to be appropriately cryopreserved. Thus, Tomorrow Biostasis is in a strong position here with its local European support team.

When talking with Dr. Emil Kendziorra, the CEO of Tomorrow Biostasis, about what makes them special, he said that their main advantages are:

“multiple, professional standby-team that are trained in field cryoprotection to provide the best possible preservation quality, fast and convenient sign-up procedure, support team, long-term care and storage and much more”, Dr. Emil Kendziorra says.

This is echoed in the reviews and feedback provided on Trustpilot and Reddit about their services.

What do people think about their services?

The first thing we looked at to verify the claims of Tomorrow Biostasis was their Trustpilot page. They have scored a confident 4.7 overall score. Twenty-five people have left reviews about their services, and they all seem very happy with their experience so far. Most of the reviewers emphasized their satisfaction with the transparent and flexible customer support, from the seamless signup to the multilingual help desk, the effort made by the company to clarify things, and above all, the trustworthy business model.

Source: Trustpilot

We took another investigative step by navigating their FAQ and ‘How it works’ sections, and YouTube channel. We saw their apparent efforts to raise cryonics awareness and make such complex topics understandable.

On Reddit, there are several ongoing discussions about Tomorrow Biostasis. The amazing part is that for the last two years, the EBF trustee and some team members have already interacted on threads with the Reddit community. Even some critical threads on Reddit have received attention from Tomorrow Biostasis, clarifying the most common concerns about their pricing model and logistics. Above all, people directly recognize how serious and attentive their business approach is from their customer communication approach.

Can you trust Tomorrow Biostasis services?

From a research perspective: They are at the top of the industry.

When asked specifically about their research work, Tomorrow Biostasis has stated that they have ongoing projects with multiple labs and institutes in the US and Europe, some of which were presented at the Biostatsis 2021 conference.

“As we’re very much tied into the research community, it’s very unlikely to miss any scientific breakthrough. In fact, in many cases, we’re actively involved in creating them”, Dr. Emil Kendziorra says.

The company has the European Biostasis Foundation (EBF) backing and supervising their work, making it hard to miss any scientific breakthroughs in the cryonics field. We recommend looking at their R&D roadmap page in order to have a better understanding of their research plans.

From a business perspective: They have one of the most solid business plan models.

Tomorrow Biostasis aims to build an economy-of-scale, to reach a point in their business where they can offer even cheaper plans, multiply their member sign-up targets, and encourage significant investments to flow into the business to secure its long-term sustainability.

However ambitious their financial plan looks, we agree that such a business model would never be 100% safe from failure. That is why the whole storage and revival process is not part of their business scope.

The storing of patients’ bodies is the responsibility of EBF, so in the event this business plan were to fail, the long-term storage of their patients would still be taken care of by the EBF. Furthermore, the EBF members have signed themselves up to be cryopreserved, therefore it is in their best interest to ensure the best long-term storage service.

“Not only is Switzerland one of the most secure political, economical and geographical regions in the world. It legally binds a foundation to its purpose. […] It doesn’t matter if Tomorrow Biostasis goes out of business. Through EBF, our cryopreserved patients will be safe and stored for as long as it’s needed”, Dr. Emil Kendziorra says.


We can conclude that Tomorrow Biostasis is a solid business model that approaches the cryonics industry from a holistic approach. They care about building a large European community of believers in cryopreservation. That is their master plan for running a successful business and offering themselves and all the cryonics enthusiasts a chance for a cheaper and safer cryopreservation service inside Europe.


  • A storage facility in the politically and economically stable Switzerland
  • Located in Central Europe, with dispatch centers in Amsterdam and Berlin
  • European support team and Standby services 
  • Competitive insurance plans
  • Excellent customer support services
  • Highly active and involved in cryonics R&D


  • 0 cryopreserved patients so far
  • Small (but growing) business
  • They don’t accept members from outside Europe
  • They only provide the whole-body preservation option

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