Biological Immortality: Five Great Movies to Watch

Biological Immortality: Five Great Movies to Watch

What prevails in science fiction – Science or Fiction? Now it is difficult for movies to surprise us with something, since we already know that everything that we can imagine, we can invent. So what is immortality – fiction or pure science?

Cryonics and Suspended Animation

The most feasible form of suspended animation that could potentially be induced in humans much sooner is hibernation – a hypometabolic state which is closer to our biology due to phylogenetic relations with natural hibernators.

What Would You Do?

When we decide not to take risks, we still risk losing opportunities. Wouldn’t you risk putting everything on the line if you don’t have anything to lose anyways?

Telomerases: Extending Our DNA to Extend Our Lifespan

Our bodies are built out of cells, just like houses are built of bricks. To recover after injury, fight disease and simply stay alive we need new cells every day, but the supplies of new cells grow short and this is the problem we have to find solution for.

DNA Damage Theory of Aging

DNA damage aging theory claims: the accumulation of unrepaired corruptions in DNA is the reason we grow old. Fortunately, we can avoid DNA damage and stimulate DNA repair to achieve longevity.