by Al Feky M.Sc. - 23 May 2023

Mummification and Cryopreservation: Ancient History Meets the Future

Mummification and cryopreservation share a common purpose, where Cryonics is foreseen as the rightful heir of a long history of human attempts to defeat death.

by Povilas S. - 04 April 2023

Biological Immortality: Five Great Movies to Watch

What prevails in science fiction – Science or Fiction? Now it is difficult for movies to surprise us with something, since we already know that everything that we can imagine, we can invent. So what is immortality – fiction or pure science?

by Povilas S. - 04 April 2023

How Philosophical Ideas in the Movie Annihilation Are Relevant to Longevity Research

The topics of extreme life extension and biological immortality are increasingly discussed in the scientific community as well as society and are slowly becoming a new trend.

by Anna - 23 March 2023

Scientists Now Know Why Our Lifespan is Limited and are Working on Increasing It

Singapore-based GERO has used models from physical sciences to understand the complex process of aging and is working on measures to increase its limits.

by Anna - 15 March 2023

Cryptocurrency in Your Asset Management for Your Post-Cryonics Life

If you are planning on being cryogenically preserved, then asset management for post-cryonics life is a must. Here’s some ideas for you.

by Povilas S. - 01 March 2023

Cryonics and Suspended Animation

The most feasible form of suspended animation that could potentially be induced in humans much sooner is hibernation – a hypometabolic state which is closer to our biology due to phylogenetic relations with natural hibernators.

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