by EkaterinaChukhno - 22 May 2024

How Mutations Make A Liar Out Of Our DNA

Mutations can cause diseases; this includes progeric syndromes, leading to accelerated ageing. Mutations are also intertwined with DNA damage and contribute to the normal ageing process.

by Povilas S. - 08 March 2024

Assisted Suspension – An Unexplored Niche Of Possibilities

Performing cryonics instead of euthanasia before clinical death would give those facing imminent death today a chance to live in the future. Furthermore, under those circumstances, cryonics would stand a better chance of success.

by CharlMoolman - 13 February 2024

Theories of Aging: What Can Help You Unlock Everlasting Life?

Ageing is a complex process evolving the accumulation of cell damage and pathologies across a wide spectrum of bodily systems. Exploring some of the main theories on why humans age.

by CharlMoolman - 24 January 2024

How Religion Can Add 9 Years to Your Lifespan

Religious people live longer, much longer. How do we explain the correlation between longevity and spirituality? Science offers a few explanations.

by CharlMoolman - 09 January 2024

Top 10 Longevity Researchers and What They Are Working On

Longevity science is a vast landscape. Meet some of the scientists shining a light on some of the most pressing questions the field faces.

by CharlMoolman - 27 December 2023

Muscles and Longevity

There is a strong and often overlooked correlation between muscle and healthy ageing. Building and maintaining muscle is important for longevity.

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